But their responses give us hope for the future!

It's Christmas Eve and Greg's kids are asking him if they can open their presents early. Inspired by a segment on the Jimmy Kimmel show he decides to give his kids what they want, With a twist. Doing what all dads do best, he bought some ?punny"? gifts for his children!

His oldest daughter opens up her gift. She assumed it was going to be a poster, we assumed it was going to be a Toblerone, everybody was wrong! It was a toilet brush. Not just any toilet brush, mind you. One that Greg had written ?Nimbus 2000"? on the side with a marker pen in reference to Harry Potter. "It's the fastest toilet brush!he told her". Later he asked ?Isn't that what you wanted?"?

His daughter took the joke in good spirits, setting an example for the youngest brother who was set to open his present next. Out of the big box he pulled a pineapple and a sponge. After we all sat in a confused silence, and the son simply repeated the word ?okay"? - Greg let out a pun he was probably sitting on for weeks, ?It's a Spongebob playset!", He asked his son if there was anything wrong and his son simply replied that the sponge wasn't square. Later, suggesting to his parents that they could put googly eyes on the sponge and give it a construction paper mouth. How cute!

?I hope Santa does a better job" says the son, while everyone is laughing along with the joke.

What's your best Christmas prank? Tell us below!

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