Window decoration is one prime task during Christmas. Winter garlands, lights, hanging winter d?cor including glass ornaments, wind chimes are ideas which you can use to jazz up your windows.

Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals across the globe; one reason being it's the last that's celebrated before we jump into a new year. Other reasons being, we buy new dresses and boots to wear, eat plum cakes and chocolates, and most importantly jazz up our houses with a number of creative decorations including a Christmas tree! Now, windows are one of the most important parts of our houses, right? So, adorning them becomes an absolute must! Also, you can get super artistic while dolling up those casements.

What you can do: To start with, decorate your windows with fluffy 'winter garlands' by attaching them across the window. Then, you can add some icy winter treatments to the garlands like you can put up lines of golden (or any other colour of your choice) lights that shall hang vertically, or you can put them across horizontally, or in both ways! Then you can put up glass ornaments like glass bubbles, crystal lights, glass wind chimes, and more across the garland. You could also suspend small toys like comic characters, jokers or Santa pieces, or decorative balls and stars, using preferably red, golden or silver ribbons, from the curtain rods to add a jazz to the windows. If you don?t find a winter garland, you can take a small branch and put it up in place of the curtain holder, and illuminate it with string lights. Now you can hang silver stars, moons, gifts, or other designs from the branch. You can also place scented candles near your window, and keep all your wrapped-up gifts on the ground in front of the aperture. In order to avoid any mishap, remember to keep your small children away from the lights and the glass decor! Go on, try these out.

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