Mini trees are used for Christmas decoration purposes. You can make it yourself using either paper, glue and sponge, or house wires, vise, artificial grass and clay.

Introduction: What?s Christmas without Christmas trees? Not only do the decorated Christmas trees add beauty to the scenic beauty, but they also help the Christmassy feeling to sink in, in your hearts! Also, did you know, the Christmas tree is considered to be the symbol of Christ? Oh, yes! While this winter festival demands you to decorate your houses and trees, one idea is to make mini trees for the same. Mini trees? heights are typically not more than 3-4 feet, but they can be smaller too! The super small ones can be used in Christmas cakes, Christmas dollhouses and the slightly bigger ones can be used for other interior d?cor. Here in this article, we will see how we can make mini trees. Dig in to find out.

Here?s how to go about it: One way to make a mini tree is by using paper! Take a small cut brown paper (use paper bags) and twist and twirl it using your fingers to make the trunk. Take sponge and colour it green, and with the help of glue, paste it on the trunk. Now using scissors, cut out the shape of the tree as per your wish. Another way to make a ?stronger? mini tree is to take a 12 inches? wire and twist and twirl it for making the trunk of the tree. Now attach it to a vise for the base. Open up and spread the wires at the end to show the trees? branches. Apply hardened clay on the wire and the base, and colour them to give it a more finished look. Add artificial grass as foliage for the tree and paste it with glue on top of the trunk. Voila! You have a realistic looking mini tree. Go ahead, make your own mini tree to jazz up your homes for Christmas.

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