Decorate doors using papers, winter garlands, bells, balls, cotton, woolen scarves and other things to give your doors a Christmassy look

Introduction: The festival of Christmas is not just about a get together with family and friends, exchanging of gifts, or attending mass at the Church to celebrate Jesus? birth day; it is also about decorating the Christmas tree, your house and office interiors and experiencing the whole wintry Christmas feel! That itself is a lot of fun, right? In the list of d?cor, we often forget to doll up the doors in our houses or offices. Why should we miss out the entry to our happy place itself? Here in this write-up we have shared with you some tips to decorate your door for Christmas. Read on.

Do it yourself: If you have a wooden door that?s brown in colour and you have children coming over, simply cut out coloured papers to make eyes, nose, ears and lips of cartoons and paste it on your door! Also you can use brown papers (in case of wooden door) or any other paper matching the colour of your door to make arms and legs with woolen garments on, of the cartoon and simply attach it at the four corners of the door using cello-tape or glue to give it a more realistic look. The cartoon can be a cute deer or a bear or any other animal of your choice. The kids will love it! On a white door, you can make the face of a snowman by pasting eyes and a red nose (using paper), and paste a woolen muffler as the snowman?s muffler! You can also cut out a hat for your snow man and place it at the top of the door. Alternatively, you can attach winter garlands on the three sides of your door, and attach bells, small balls, and strings of lights on it for a Christmassy look. Use your own imagination to make your doors look more creative. Get started.

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